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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mom's gift

I have an amazing mom!  I admire her selfless love that she shares to all who know her.  I was blessed to have my mom stay home with us while we were young.  She was always there for her kids and she was our safe place to land when the world outside was rough.  My mom is also an amazing artist.  Growing up I wanted to draw and create just like her.  She could draw portraits that looked like photographs.  I was so impatient when I was young and wanted to do what she did right at that moment.  I learned that it takes time and dedication, and she helped me along the way.  It is nice to have her critique my work when I have a hard time "seeing" something that may not be quite right.

My newest painting that I am showing you is of my mom and I.  I have loved and cherished this picture all of my life.  I always new one day I would paint it.  It is even more special to me now, having my own children.  I was the oldest of four children, and at this time of the picture I was the most precious thing in their life.  I had the same exact feelings when I had my first child and the fierce love and pride I had for every new thing he did.  Nothing is more powerful and great as a mothers love  for their child.  This painting I feel reflects that and that is why it is so special to me personally.  I hope that others would feel the same as they look at it.

I have a very talented family who are all artists.  I look forward to sharing their art with you in future posts.  As artists we live to create and share.  As a family we appreciate and support one another.  So I call this painting Mom's Gift.  Not only because this is my gift to her, but because I believe she is my gift from God, as was I to her.  So mom, I love you with all of my heart.  Thank you for all you have done for me : )

Thank you all of my friends for letting me share this with you!

Hugs and Blessings!  ~ Nichole


  1. Oh Nichole, what a beautiful post and tribute to your wonderful mom!!!! I LOVE this portrait so much! I can just see and feel the love between the two of you in it. How wonderful to have an artist family!! You are so talented and I know your mom must be so proud of you! She is going to LOVE this piece so much!!!!!!
    Love ya sweet friend,

  2. Hi Cola, Well you sure created a beautiful painting, it is gorgeous! It brings me back to the time and place the original picture was taken. I was 21 yrs. old and you were 4 months and so tiny, only 10# but you were strong, even though you were little. We were at my mom and dad's, playing by her beautiful flower garden that she spent so many loving hours in. She was a busy farm wife, and still she had time to make it her time away from work. Just like you do now, that may have been where you got your love of gardening from. Anyway, thank you for the tribute and the gift, I will always treasure it, and dad and I definetly want a print of it when you get to it. You are my treasure now, and I am the one who is wishing that I could create like you! I guess I just have to take the time, and make up my mind. It would be so nice if we lived closer together, so that we could create and draw together. It means the world to me as a mother to know that you value and love me so much. It makes it worthwhile, all the good times and the hard times of being a mom, and when times were difficult, you were always there to try to help. What else could I do, but keep returning your love and being there for you now. I love you, and you are the greatest daughter, any mother would be proud of how you turned out! And what a great mom you are to your family.
    I Love you! Mom

  3. Hello Nichole... thank you for visiting my blog... yours is beautiful and the painting of you and your sweet mama is priceless... my mama is gone now, but like yours, she was fortunate to be a stay at home mom with us are right, mothers are truly a gift from God and mine made our home a safe place to land as well... I will visit you often... Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. Hi, Nichole,
    I am visiting your blog after reading about you and seeing your beautiful painting over at Amy's Bunny Rose Cottage. You have an amazing talent!! How wonderful to be from a family of artists. Your painting is a beautiful tribute to your mother and her unconditional love. I enjoyed visiting your shop, too. Have a wonderful autumn weekend. Vicki

  5. What an absolutely beautiful painting. I feel I can see all the love you are feeling in your brush strokes. It is beyond outstanding. You are certainly blessed with a wonderful talent.

  6. Nicole, what a beautiful painting and tribute to your mom. How fortunate you are to come from such a loving and talented family. It shows in your work. I enjoyed reading about you and your mom and her response too. What a loving bond you and your mother have. You are so blessed!
    Have a great day.
    Your artist buddy,

  7. Hi Nicole,
    Your blog is just gorgeous.. I LoVe all your painted roses, and vintage finds..Soo talented you are.. Such a fun time looking through your blog.. Have a happy, fun week-end..
    Blessings and hugs ~tea~xo

  8. Hi Nichole!
    I came here after reading Amy's blog aka bunny rose cottage!!
    What an amazing artist you are. I will be sure to visit often. I am a follower now:D

  9. It's beautiful! You're a very talented artist. Love the drawing of Catherine's boys, too. I wish I had half your talent!

  10. That is a beautiful piece of Art! That's what life is all about, yes? Treasure those moments with your mom and your own children.


  11. Nichole...I that I can say is WOW are you EVER talented! As an artist myself (and former art teacher) I have always found that portraits are the hardest to do. You truly have a gift! ~xo~

  12. Ohhh Nichole ~ That is just an absolutely beautiful beautiful painting ~ Oh my goodness you are so very very blessed with an amazing talent ~

  13. WOW, Nichole you have such an amazing gift! It is just stunningly beautiful... what a wonderful keepsake for you to cherish. I bet your Mom is SO proud!

    xoxo Heather

  14. What a beautiful post. It's an incredible blessing to have a special relationship with our moms, don't you think? Your painting is stunning, what a beautiful moment it captures - such a treasure!