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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finished painting

I am so grateful to all of you who visited my blog and left such wonderful comments about my painting. It was exactly what I needed to complete this painting. Since I last posted I have been working hard to finish it, and besides showing it to my family to critique it, I think it is done! I always like to set it aside for a few days and then I can look at it with "fresh" eyes, so I may change it a little.

This is a painting of my daughter Alison and her friend Alexis who is also the daughter of my friend Tracy. Tracy and I are partners in our seasonal sales that we hold in the studio. One day we hope they will participate in creating with us as they are both very artistic. I am very fortunate to have them as adorable subjects to paint!

It has long been a dream of mine to have my art in print and to be a plate artist. One day when I have a good portfolio I will send it in to Bradford day! For now I am happy to be creating in my studio and having my online business and seasonal sales. I cannot wait to begin another painting. It will be a companion to this one. I love to paint roses and flowers along with children. My passion for flowers and gardening carries through from the earth to my paintings. I thank God for His many blessings and giving me this gift to share through my paintings. Thank you to all of you too for letting me share it! Very soon I hope to offer this in print on my site along with my other print of Alison. I will keep you posted on that!

Blessings ~ Nichole

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Please take a peak!!

As an artist it can be both a blessing and a curse. In one moment you are elated and inspired and then when things aren't working then you are tortured by insecurity and doubt. I try to explain this rollercoaster of emotion to others and they look at me kind of funny, hehe! Being creative and artistic is either a blessing that naturally flows or it is a draining and sometimes frustrating experience. To create on demand when you are not inspired is hard.

I am happy to say that as my kids have grown older my passion for creating and painting is in full force. I still have my days where I feel like pulling my hair out but for the most part it is fulfilling and rewarding. I thank God everyday for His blessings He has given me.

Years ago when my children came along and my life revolved around changing diapers and feedings I lost my desire to create. In the beginning I did not mind. I was in that"baby bubble" and I was content. About the time that my daughter turned two I started to feel something was missing. I started to dream about ideas and put them on paper. It took a few years but I now have my own online boutique where I sell my creations.

I have been painting on canvas for about a year and a half now. Between my business and family it is hard to find time to paint but I have three paintings now. One is completed and I have it for sale on my site and the other two are a work in progress. I am going to be brave and show you one of them that I am working on. I was hoping that by doing so I can get some feed back. Most of the time I don't like to show my work in progress. Sharing your work can be scary and humbling. An artist puts so much of themselves into their work and they always want to do their best.

This painting is of my daughter Alison and her friend. I have been working on this painting off and on for about a year.

As I have just uploaded this I cringe a little because I can see what I need to work on. I am also a little excited though too because it feels good to share. I sit in my studio and paint my little heart out with no one to show it to. My goal is to have this done very soon because when spring comes it will be hard to work in the studio when my gardens and the birds are calling me to be outside. I cannot wait to hear from everyone who sees this what they think!! : )

Blessing ~ Nichole