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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finished portraits

Hi there ~ I have been quite busy since my last post. I have been working in the studio catching up on my custom work that has been put off over the busy summer. I know so many talented women who have shops like me and they are so gifted at what they do. It always amazes me how they can create, advertise, list their products and keep up with all that a business entails! I keep myself busy and work hard but I struggle with the business part of it. When it comes to creating though, there is no problem. I could loose hours painting, drawing, cutting, glueing, glittering and bejeweling hehe! I love it and it is a true passion! Of course Iam a perfectionist to a fault and always look at something that should be changed but that is what makes a good artist, striving to do better. I have found that there is always something to learn, and mistakes do happen. Sometimes they are happy mistakes and other times you have to just scrap it and start over.

This painting below was painted for a customer of mine. She has become a very good friend, something I love about this business. It is a portrait of her sister, which will be given as a gift. The original was black and white which was a challenge for me. I had to add color where there was none. So the perfectionist that I am had to overcome painting what I saw, and what should be painted.

This painting was definetely a learning experience! I struggled with color because I had none to judge it by. In the end it turned out well and my customer was pleased. I cannot wait to hear what her sister says when she gives it to her.

Below is a portrait I completed yesterday. It is a colored pencil portrait. It was done for a wonderful talented business lady and mother of two wonderful boys. A while back I was commissioned to do her oldest son, and between busy schedules and finding the right pictures it was delayed. After the birth of her second son we decided to do a portrait of both boys. She was brave enough to let me choose a picture from a group of shots. I choose this one out of the many because it captures a moment in time. The sentiment is so precious of big brother gazing down at his new baby brother and giving him a kiss.

I wish that I was able to take a better photo, but lighting and glare from the color pencil makes it hard. The original is not as dark and the skin tones are much brighter.

So now that I have these done and one more custom painting to do today, I can begin on some of my own projects. I cannot wait to continue to make note cards, journal and tags. I love the freedom of altered art. As you can see above, portraiture is exact, and sometimes taxing. But when I am able to take my paintings and incorporate it into other forms of mixed media then it feels like playing. There is a freedom in it and I get lost in the process. I finally feel like I am becoming the artist I want to be, and what is great is that I know it will keep changing and getting better. I thank God for His blessings, and giving me this crazy creative mind. I love that I can see things differently and see potential out of something that I can create. I love taking something from the past and giving it new life.

My biggest new venture will be making pendant jewelry with my art. I have never soldered before and I will be getting a new soldering iron tomorrow. I am so excited, and I hope that I can do it well. It is the perfect artform for me because it is wearable art in a perfect little frame! I hope soon I will be able to show you some! I have a lot of new paintings to work on and some that I have to finish. Thanks for letting me share with you : )

Blessings ~ Nichole


  1. Hi Nichole,
    Thank you sweetly for your visit and encouraging words today..Without further ado, I want to complement you on your work.. WOW! Really lovely!.. Portraits can be challenging and you have mastered it beautifully..I too marvel at some who can paint, list and manage all the other necessities of running an on-line business in a timely fashion.. I am not one of them..LOL..I would rather be in my studio creating...
    Wishing you a lovely evening!

  2. Nichole, these portraits are just AMAZING!!! You have such a gift!! It must be so wonderful to be able to do what you do. I am just speechless over your portraits. They literally look like a photograph! I know the owners of these beautiful pieces will cherish them always.

  3. Ohhhh Nichole ~ thank you so much for visiting my blog because now I found you ! Your work is beyond beautiful ~ Oh my goodness ! I am truly in love with your talent ~

  4. Hi Nichole! :)
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog :) I like your blog too and your paintings are amazing!!!!
    Candy :)