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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cottage Sale

Hi there! It has been a while since I last entered a new post, but I have been very busy!! With spring finally here I have been gardening my little heart out and it has been pure heaven. I have 40 acres of beautiful dream land. For the last 4 years I have been planting gardens and landscaping our property. Unfortunately we have very sandy soil, so some of my gardening has been done in vain. A few weeks ago my husband brought home some organic soil and I was jumping and clapping my hands like a little girl.

Besides amending my soil and adding mulch I have also been painting the exterior of my studio and daughters playhouse. I painted the trim a color called "dinasour" and the shutters a color called "lollipop". I wanted to paint them the colors in my flowers around my gardens. After painting the pink on the shutters I decided it was a little too powerful so I toned it down with an antique white dry brush technique. I was a lot more calmer and satisfied with it after I did that.

My studio and daughters playhouse was built by my husband Justin, with as much salvaged materials as we could claim. The playhouse was built for Alison for her birthday last summer. She calls it her studio and pretends to be like me. It is amazing what they pick up, as I watch her imitate me and decorate her place. I hope it will make wonderful memories for her.

The new addition to our property came this weekend when Justin and our friend Matt put up my second corn crib "gazeebo". The first one I had put up next to my studio for my sales to set up in.

It was quite a feat to disassemble them and then put them back together. When they disassembled them they were two panels high, each 12 feet tall. It was a very long day when they brought them home and assembled the first one. The second one was placed on top of my sunny garden and is the perfect back drop for it. The pictures below show them putting it together....

I am so lucky to have a husband and good friends to help out and build these things that I dream up. When I first said I wanted a corn crib for a gazeebo I got some crazy looks, but when they see it they like it. I hope to grow vines on them so they can almost be like private rooms. In this gazeebo I want to hang a loveseat style porch swing.

This morning I lived a dream of mine and I walked out to look at all my gardens with my cup of coffee and just soaked in the beauty. God's miracles were all around me and I felt contentment. As I stood inside my gazeebo the birds were singing and it sounded so neat as it echoed under the tin roof. I cannot wait to see how my gardens blossom with all the work amending the soil. In the corn planter above I hope to put some beautiful cascading annuals in the pots.

Well with all that work behind me I have been getting ready for my annual sale. Along with my creations my friends Tracy and Merry add their talents. Our sale is this Saturday on June 7th. As always these sales are a lot of work and I never know if I am ever going to pull it off. There is so much that I want to do and just never enough time!! The postcards are out and I hope that a lot of you reading have gotten yours and are excited to come again!

I will try and update you all on how my week of painting and planning is going. I will also be showing you pictures of all our creations!! Stay tuned, and blessing to you!! ~ Nichole

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  1. Sweet Greetings! I love your adorable cottage, it's so perfect for your gardens~

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