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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and it is so true!  I find that when I have little means that is when I come up with something really neat.  This year our Halloween budget was non-existent.  After buying groceries at Wally World, there was no money left to buy the kids costumes.  Instead I bought $2 worth of face paint and decided I would paint their faces.  With Alison it was easy because she wanted to be a princess and she had a lot of dresses to choose from.  The boys however were a challenge.  Jacob wanted to be a zombie and Isaac wanted to be a vampire.  That was easy enough for me to paint their faces but I had to come up with costumes.  For Isaac I recreated last years costume to make a cape.  I cut the fabric and used spray adhesive to put a piece of card board in between the fabric to make a collar.  He was so excited to be in costume!  Once the fake blood was on he was stoked!  For Jacob I took an old curtain and ripped it into strips.  I then dipped it in coffee with some grounds in it to give the fabric an aged look.  After throwing it in the dryer I preceeded to hot glue it on my son!!  I was giggling the whole time.  I kept thinking, I am actually hot gluing on my child LOL!  Here they are sitting in the back of our old jacked up Jimmy.....

This picture below the kids are about to trick or treat at the first house.

I love taking photos like the one below.  Alison is so excited that she skipped the whole time from house to house.  As you can see we had just gotten snow.  Most of it had melted and it was nice enough for the kids to go out without coats.

In the end the kiddies got a lot of candy and had fun trick or treating our family and friends.  It is moments like these that the kids will remember, and it was even more special because their costumes were handmade!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween too!

Hugs ~ Nichole


  1. Nichole, you kids costumes are wonderful!!! I love them all. Your daughter looks just beautiful and the boys are perfectly scary :) I am so glad everyone had a wonderful time!
    Love you sweet friend,

  2. Oooh Nichole... they look adorable! I never had a store bought Halloween costume in my life... my mama always made ours out of whatever she had around... many years we were hobos in my daddys old clothes and carrying a knapsack out of a bandana... or a ghost out of an old sheet or a witch out of one of mama's old skirts... those childhood memories are sooo precious to me... money cannot buy them! Your children will never forget those costumes and the memories they shared wearing them... how cute Alison was sooo excited she skipped from house to house! Love these photos! xoxo Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Wow! That's a Beauty and the Beast(s) moment. She looks so sweet and they are definitely in ghastly character. HA! Very cute and so great that you made everything for them. That definitely makes the Halloween adventure even more special! Best wishes, Tammy

  4. You did a great job getting their costumes put together!! So cute!! Glad they had fun!!!

  5. Hey! I think that's a funny party! Here there aren't...
    Your work was so beautiful!
    Hugs from Brasil ^^

  6. LOL...Nichole,
    The children are just to fab looking.Your costumes are way better than any store bought ones.
    Love how you did the mummy,that was a tuff one.XXOO Marie Antionette

  7. Hi Nichole, thanks for the visit and comments on my blog. It is a diffiucly disease. I pray for your grandma and her new husband. I am so grateful my dad did not have to see her that way, It would have broken his heart. God is truly the source of our strength in this. He gets all the glory.

    Btw, your goblins are just adorable! Becs

  8. I'm up early and trying to stay quite. What better way is there to spend the time than to surf the net and find great blogs like yours? You created great costumes for your kids and didn't spend a fortune. Better yet, right?