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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello Friends!

Here we go!! This is exciting for me to begin my new blog! I have so many things I want to share with you and I can't wait. I am so passionate about repurposing old vintage decor and architecture. I love the thrill of the hunt and taking it home and bringing beauty to something well worn. The best finds are the free ones that someone tosses away. I will be sharing some photos of before and after.

Below are some photos of my studio that my loving and talented husband built. For years I have been collecting "junk" and was able to use it to build my studio. I especially love the leaded glass window inside. We have reclaimed barn wood and old siding throughout. I have seasonal sale events inside my studio with talented friends and artisans, and people always comment on how old and established the studio looks. They believe it an old building, when in fact it was built under two years ago.

My studio/cottage is 16' by 24'. I am so blessed to have my own space as a large canvas! I painted a faux wood floor in the front and a stone faux floor in the back. I have yet to paint the rugs on the floor, because I haven't figured out a design yet. I will likely paint my roses in oil in a pretty pattern. I have put coats of poly on it for I don't want to do that painting again for a long, long while, LOL!!! It is very labor intensive but has a very striking effect. Even my husband and his friend were impressed!

I also painted a sky up on the ceiling. My friend Tracy and I applied a tissue paper tecnique on the cieling when it was first built, and by painting the sky it brings the vaulted ceiling down and cozies up the room. I also found these old chandeliers on the cheap and painted and embelished them.
This hutch was one of my most expensive purchases, but sometime when you absolutely love something you just have to get it! I actually passed it up and couldn't get it off of my mind. I knew I had to have it, and was able to make payments on it.

I have been very busy revamping the studio for my upcoming sale event in June. I will also be concentrating on the back of my cottage which is where I do my painting. I love painting in oils. I not only love to paint roses on my peices but I love to paint children. I have so much on my plate it is hard to fit everything in, but I try!!

I also look forward to sharing my gardens with you, I am sooo excited to be working in my gardens after this long winter!

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to the next time!!



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  1. Hi Nichole, what a beautiful rooM! Sounds like we have so much in common, i also just love to go on the hunt for treasures to paiint or to work into my home decor. It seems to be never ending and i buy ine thing get rid of something else and the cycle continues. Maybe one of these days i wil get it like i want it.